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Thank you for visiting our club's website. Hopefully, you were able to cruize around the site without running into any potholes or speed bumps! The website serves as a means to introduce our car club to prospective members, as well as providing a key source of current information for our members. If you have any questions, or would just like to know a little more about the Small Town Cruizers, please feel free to contact any of our officers listed below:


Bob Riggi (559) 563-0997

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Shirley Ready (559) 686-9306

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*Website Administrator

Terry Fellows (559) 410-8369

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*Vice President

Wayne Nowlin (559) 936-4309

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Linda Ruminer (559) 759-5930

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*Mailing Address:

Small Town Cruizers

P.O. Box 191

Tulare, CA 93275